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We work with you to teach model development skills. We use tailored programmes and industry standard statistical software. Typical modelling assignments include:

  • individual product scorecards, predicting risk, response, attrition, propensity
  • customer-level scorecards
  • PD , EAD , LDG models for Basel II purposes
  • bad debt forecasting models
  • pricing and profitability models

Better models give better business results

Models structure data to make a complex business process more manageable. ScorePlus helps clients improve their modelling process - for scorecards, Basel rating systems, loss forecasting and portfolio financial planning. Our projects address  requirements for specific models and  - through skills transfer - help the organisation improve its internal modelling capability.

What makes a good model?

Good models require both analytic rigour and a close fit to the operational context of the business. Therefore models must be built in close collaboration with senior management and internal technical staff. We can facilitate that process.

The quality of models is measured not just by a bigger Gini coefficient but by how they influence the management process within the organisation - a good model should make it easier to formulate and manage successful business policies.

How we work

ScorePlus generally works with an internal team to transfer skills and leverage internal resources. This gives the best value for money and ensures that the organisation has the skills to continue driving improvement.

ScorePlus involvement is in the key phases of model design, model build and model implementation: it covers the following areas:

  • overall model architecture - how does the model fit the business process
  • sample design
  • database acquisition and generating insightful predictors of customer behaviour
  • defining statistical methodology and programmes
  • reviewing and interpreting results
  • designing appropriate model validation procedures
  • formulating business strategies based on the models
  • planning and following through on model implementation

In each of these steps, ScorePlus leverages internal expertise to better address both technical and business issues.

Why use ScorePlus?

ScorePlus has been a pioneer in many areas of scorecard and financial modelling for 25 years. We have written the book on many techniques which are now standard practice in credit risk modelling. But for us, there is no such thing as a standard project - the key to success is understanding what makes each project different.

We can help you to get the most business value - and we always have new ideas to give you a competitive edge.

For more information contact: consultancy@scoreplus.com


Explore our ideas by reading the published papers by Gerard Scallan. These are available in our Reference Papers in our Downloads section.