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Portfolio Management

What is "portfolio management"?

At ScorePlus we define Portfolio management to be the articulation of policy choices:

  • to match corporate goals
  • involving design, delivery and evaluation of strategies
  • making continual adjustments to reflect changing circumstances

ScorePlus provide portfolio management expertise. Our forte is the practical application of statistics to solve the complex problems of maintaining competitive advantage in credit and lending businesses.

We offer both consulting project and interim portfolio management services. In each instance we work as part of the credit risk team to deliver real business benefits.

Consultancy projects

We work with you to ensure you get the most from your investment in scoring and business models. Typical assignments include:

  • Strategic use of Models – how good are they - do they deliver on business objectives?
  • Origination Policy – how do we define and deliver on 'risk appetite'?
  • Credit Policy – what represents best practice governance?
  • Collections Analytics – how do we know which actions bring results?
  • Should we use Introducers – how much do they muddy the water?
  • Risk appetite - what are the key metrics and when is departure from budget a concern?
  • Credit Risk Structures – how do we get the most out of our analytic resource?

Interim management

We offer businesses the opportunity to employ our services for short fixed term contracts. Clients benefit from our wealth of experience, ensuring key business issues are brought to the fore, during periods of change or recruitment.

For more information contact: consultancy@scoreplus.com


ScorePlus Reference Papers on credit risk management are available from our Downloads section.