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Finding the right course for you

At ScorePlus we offer training on both the technical aspects of modelling and the stategic management of retail credit risk.

Standard Seminars

For all those entering the credit industry, we recommend our introductory seminars: 
Credit Risk Fundamentals, or Scoring: Making it Work.

To gain an understanding of credit risk and portfolio management, you can progress with:

Portfolio Management Analytics
Managing Customer Behaviour
Collections Strategic Analytics
Maximising Scorecard Investment

Model building and validation is covered by:

Scorecard Building Training 

See the progression table below.

Bespoke Seminars and 1:1 Training

We also offer tailored training, either developing new materials or adapting modules from our existing programmes.  By letting us know your learning objectives and, where appropriate, a selection of the nearest fit modules, we can provide a custom solution to suit you.  

We look forward to meeting your requirements.

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