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Complementary Websites

Industry forums

Credit Scoring forum at LinkedIn
Basel II Validation forum at LinkedIn
The Credit Club forum at LinkedIn 

Academic sites

These universities all have strong credit-focused research and/or teaching departments.

Edinburgh University and the associated Credit Scoring and Control Control Conference
Imperial College and its Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Leeds University
Southampton University

Government & Professional Bodies

APACS: Comprehensive credit fraud-related information and statistics
Bank for International Settlements: For information on the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision
CIFAS:The not-for-profit membership association representing the private and public sectors, dedicated to the prevention of fraud
Credit Today Online: The weekly news update for the UK's commercial and consumer credit industry
Data Protection: Now the Information Commissioner's Office. For the latest information on privacy issues, on-line registration, and searching the register
Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (previously Department of Trade and Industry): For wider government issues affecting the credit industry
Finance & Leasing Association: The Guide to Credit Scoring is available from the FLA
Financial Conduct Authority Bank of England:  Regulators of firms and financial advisers in the UK
FraudScreen: Provides a unique and award-winning set of database coding products to assist consumer-facing businesses in managing risk within customer relationships
Institute of Credit Management: Professional body for all aspects of credit management
Institute of Financial Services: Professional body for bankers (previously Chartered Institute of Bankers)
Office for National Statistics: Key UK statistics including economic indicators, employment, GDP, inflation (ONS)
Prudential Regulation Authority Bank of England: Prudential regulator and supervisor of banks, building societies, credit unions, insurers and major investment firms in the UK.