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8-12 November 2021 ONLINE: Portfolio Management Analytics: Credit Risk Reporting and Evaluation

Business-focused seminar for Portfolio Managers, retail credit.

Online trainer-led seminar run by Helen McNab. Guest presenter Gerard Scallan

5 mornings. 

09:00 to 12:30 each day (UK time). Please make provision to be available until 13:00 each day, to allow for any  extended discussion.
Registration on day 1 from 08:45.
Online seminar agenda: click here



To develop the strategic skills of Credit Scoring / Risk Insight Analysts and Portfolio Managers, through the rigorous design and evaluation of credit strategies, underpinned by scorecards, and the reporting of portfolio performance for scrutiny by senior management.


  • Portfolio management framework and governance
  • Why capital is important and key financial drivers
  • Actual vs expected analytic framework: Thresholds, techniques, business practice
  • Scorecards - design and evaluation: Are they fit for purpose?
  • Strategy formulation principles: A structured approach - with back book case study
  • Iterative strategy revision: New business and Collections
  • Policy rules analysis: aiming for simplification
  • Reporting: strategy outcomes and dashboards
  • Vintage matrices: principles and extensions for swifter insights
  • Proactive portfolio management: applying the “actual vs expected” principles.

Throughout the seminar, reference will be made to working in times of crisis or recession.

Supporting examples are drawn from across the credit cycle: originations, existing book and collections.


At the end of this seminar, delegates will:

  • Understand better their role, in the context of the firm’s Credit Risk Framework

  • Appreciate the philosophy driving IFRS9, the Basel accord and the regulator’s agenda
  • Be able to question whether their operational scorecards are "fit for purpose"
  • Know the principles for effective strategy development
  • Have confidence to challenge policy overlays to reduce strategy complexity
  • Bring back an array of reporting ideas, including dashboards, across the credit cycle
  • Know how to apply greater rigour to their analyses
  • Have critically reviewed purpose and metrics for effective Risk Appetite management.


Who should attend

Credit scoring / risk insight analysts: involved daily in the development, deployment and monitoring of credit strategies and portfolio performance, ideally with 12 months practical experience

Portfolio managers: new to credit risk or requiring a greater understanding of the role of scoring in running a credit portfolio along with key metrics for measuring success

Format and materials

Formal presentations with practical exercises and whole group discussion

Break-out discussion and feedback groups

Seminar manual, with a ‘back at the office “to do” list’, to support seminar learning and web resource listings.


Online: 5 mornings. 

Also available as an in-house seminar with dates arranged to suit the client.

For more on course content and place availability, email training@scoreplus.com

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  • Excellent insight into credit scoring per se and its wider management opportunities.

    Decision Science Director

  • Very insightful - tasks really helped me apply my knowledge

  • Really well taught - held my attention

  • Has definitely equipped me better to debate credit strategies more effectively

    Portfolio manager

  • Fresh views on scorecards - will assist my future thinking

    Scorecard builder

  • Valuable information - will definitely recommend to a colleague

    Credit risk analyst

  • Great facilitation - explanations clear and relevant

  • Learnt loads - wish I had attended earlier in my career

  • Very pertinent to my business role

    Portfolio manager

  • Gerard really knows his subject - great source of inspiration and ideas

    Model builder